Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Tai Lopez?

I haven't gotten an email with my login details yet.

My affiliate link is not showing up when I click 'learn more'!

I want to promote a specific product, but it's not on right now. How do I promote it?

When will HSMC or other courses be available on

Is it possible to have ALL links combined in one made available to attach to personal IG profile so users can click any link that best suits their needs?

When people put their emails in... who keeps those emails? Do they go to Tai or do they go to us so we can build our own email list?

So if I sell someone into Cash Flow, will they be in Gold since it's closed now?

How does commission work for the Super Affiliate program? Is there an immediate commission when you make your first sale or does it start kicking in when your sale starts making a sale?

I'm concerned we're not getting any training videos during this 60-day refund period.

Do we have an autoresponse of instructions on how new members can do their initial set up?

Will there be nutrition labels for the beef sticks?

Why is Gold Level Cashflow only 1 year access?

I went to the Farmers Box website and saw that you can place an order without a referral code. Why is that?

Can we use Tai's videos to promote?

How do I get paid?

Can we use Facebook ads, SEO, Google Ads?

Are we going to allow past affiliates to get into Gold Level for free?

How often will we be paying people

Can we use Cash Flow in the UK?

When is new content coming out and more practical things coming out?

If a customer buys multiple times from my affiliate link on farmers box beef jerky, will I receive commissions for each purchase?

What happened to the Facebook Group?

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